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In ancient times there were mystery schools to attend. Now a days those who have the ability to learn spirit medicine need a place to develop their skills and practice the ways of sacred alignment. The way of aloha can transform your life. The Huna principles given to you can and will change your perceptions and experience of life. We are here as a school of sacred bodywork to empower you and accelerate your personal and spiritual growth. Aloha Mana means, "Miracle Love." Aloha mana is our birth right and the title of our most popular training that we offer.

The processes that we teach are centered around an initiatory healing dance of Hawaiian origin called Temple Style Lomi Lomi massage. Actually there are two forms of shamanic healing that you will learn, experience, receive and give many times in the Aloha Mana Training. The other one is called Kahi Loa. Kahi Loa brings you into a state of complete oneness with the elements and kingdoms of Nature. It came through the Kahili family on Kaua'i. I learned it from Serge Kahili King, founder of Huna International. Kahi Loa is "A Touch of Hawaiian Magic!" It is a wonderful effective form of shamanic healing to share with young and old alike. Kids love Kahi Loa.

The roots of Huna--the ancient Hawaiian philosophy of life--are actually a very pure assessment of the wondrous Reality we have been gifted with here on Earth. The concepts of Aloha and Mana are far reaching and all encompassing. Please take a few minutes to read some of the articles in this site. To better understand what Huna is, please read The Power of Blessing and for the principles of Aloha, check out The Way of Aloha.


My life has been and is still a flowing river of loving synchronicity since my practice began in 1996. Are you ready for such a journey? I am honored to share with you all that I am and and all that I feel is sacred about life, death, birth and Infinity. We are here to empower with you! :) Your mission, Your truth, Your heart and Your well being.

Come! Be brave! Step into your True Power!

Lomi Lomi Massage Training, Kauai Hawaii__________________________________________________________________________________

Bring Lomi Lomi and Shamanic Healing and Bodywork to your town ~

We love to travel and bring our Lomi Lomi Temple for healing sessions and training. Wayne has taught all over the USA and Canada,, Costa Rica, Fiji, The United Kingdom and Australia.

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