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"Bring ANUENUE O ALOHA ~ The Rainbow of Love,
with Lomilomi Healing and Training to where you live!"

We love to travel and share Hawaiian Healing, Sacred Alighment and The Spirit of Aloha!

In ancient times there were mystery schools to attend. Now a days, those who have the ability to learn spirit medicine need a place to develop their skills and practice the ways of sacred alignment. The way of aloha can transform your life. The Huna principles we share with you can and will change your perceptions and experience of life forever, bringing a deeper connection to your Aumakua, High Self and all three souls of your cluster. We are here as a mystery school of sacred bodywork to empower you and accelerate your personal and spiritual growth.

Perhaps the best way to begin would be to invite Kealohi (Wayne) to come and offer Lomilomi healing on a one-to-one basis. All that's required from you for this to happen is to provide a space for him to do healing sessions and a plain ticket. This could be a spare room in someone's home that is large enough for a Holy altar and a massage table, with plenty of room to move and dance around the massage table.


Each of these Intro/demos are very exciting presentations and are usually 2~1/2 hours
Beginning around 7 pm in the evening. The ones with Patti include a Hula with Hawaiian singing!

Wise Secrets of Aloha ~ 
Is a basic intro into Hawaiian Spirituality and philosophy, grassroots style. In this talk
we share hula, song, chant and Hawaiian principles for healing and empowerment.
This Intro can easily be expanded into a one day workshop!

Ano Ano ~ The Seed ~
Hawaiian Manifestation Ritual with Blessing Chant
This is an 'Intro' showing how huna works through gardening consciousness,
planting a seed or bringing in a new dream with a "Haipule".
Haipule is a group manifestation ceremony, using movement, breath, and chant.
It is easy to learn, very powerful, and alot of fun!
This Intro can easily be expanded into a one day workshop!

Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork & Lomi Intro and Demo~
In this talk-story, we look into all the forms of Lomilomi, their diversity and specific application.
HUNA ~ the Kahuna mindset that most everyone can understand, cultivate and use for healing.
In this evening talk Kealohi will briefly demonstrate a few Hawaiian healing techniques.
This Intro can easily be expanded into a one day workshop!

Clearing Your Bowl of Light with Ho'oponopono ~
This is a great opener for a lot of folks!
In this presentation the group is taught the Hawaiian forgiveness and conflict resolution process of Ho'oponopono. Participants are given tools to help align with their High Self, and clear all forms of judgement. Also, without forgiveness, there can be NO healing!!!

This is one of our favorite presentations because of 3 books that bring forth this knowledge:
1) Hank Wesselman's book The Bowl of Light, with Kahuna Hale Makua's transmission.
2) Tales from the Night Rainbow, by Pali Jai Lee and Koko Willis about the Legends of Molokai
3) Zero Limits by Joe Vitale, presenting "self ID" Ho'oponopono

Ho'oponopono is Hawaiian forgiveness technology at it's finest! Mornah Simeona was the Kahuna that brought the "Self ID" style of Ho'oponopono into the world in the eighties. She taught her system to Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Lin and then Joe Vitale wrote a famous book about Ho'oponopono after meeting Dr. Lin called: Zero Limits. We bring this to people as an Intro and a One Day Weekend Training. (could easily be expanded into a one day workshop)

We love the Ho'oponopono process very much and we are very skilled at assisting others to come clean with what's blocking their freedom to have what they really deserve in their Life!


We offer several different weekend type trainings to choose from:
Ranging from 2 to 5 days in length. Here's some training options to consider.

The Body Tune Up: There are two BTU trainings, each one is a weekend course.
In the BTU-1 we teach you how to adjust the toxin flow and stress management. In BTU-2 we teach you how to align the structure of the body with passive adjustments, using Applied Kinesiology and Orthobionamy. Each of these courses has a half day Healing Clinic for a practicum on the third day.

Kahi Loa ~ Lomi One: Two days non-residential ~
Hawaiian Magic Touch Massage. This course is pure Hawaiian Shamanism! Utilizing the Elements: FIRE ~ WIND ~ WATER ~ STONE, and the Kingdoms: PLANT, ANIMAL & HUMAN SPIRIT,
removing what doesn't belong and harmonizing the mental, emotional and physical bodies. It generates a wonderful, relaxing and energizing journey using imagination and breath to create healing profound.. After two days of training the student receives a whole day of practice time!

Heartworks ~ Lomi Two: Four days non-residential ~
In this course we could teach a FULL body "traditional style" Lomilomi massage. This type of massage uses primarily hands only and is a very good beginner course that maximizes circulation.
It also includes the basic Hawaiian Healing Principles of Aloha, Mana, Aumakua and a chant.

Aloha Mana Temple Style ~ Lomi Three:

This training is usually taught in Kauai as a 10 day residential training. But it can also be taught
in two parts if necessary, which is two five day trainings, spaced a few weeks or months apart....Aloha Mana Training inculdes our Kahi Loa Lomi as an opener to Hawaiian Shamanism.

In the first Aloha Mana training we would teach you "Temple Style" Lomilomi massage for the back along with Ka' alele, the basic dance steps, and the deep joint rotations for knees/hips, ankles and elbows. This Lomi uses primarily the forearms and is a more free spirited type of massage/dance of spiritual intimacy and transformation. In Aloha Mana's second course we teach a Lomi massage for the front of the body and the deep joint rotations for the shoulders and hips.

When each of these courses are taught over 5 days, we can include more lomilomi practice time and more Huna and Hawaiian healing principles, along with shamanic healing concepts and Hawaiian philosophy, as well as including two Hawaiian chants for bodywork and manifesting.

Prerequisite Sessions ~ Soul Activation Retrieval

We highly recommend that all students enrolling in our Lomilomi courses receive a prerequisite healing session before the training begins to open and clear the way for the Aloha Mana transmission to have space to enter and root in their body. We have found over the years that the best practitioners are the ones who received these healing sessions before their training.

The Soul Activation Retreival sessions are initiations, rite-of-passage. rituals. They are about 4 or
5 hours in length and cost $450. I usually do only one per day.

When Heartworks Lomilomi is the course being taught, then a shorter prerequisite
of 2 to 3 hours is possible.
Session fees are $125 per hour for one practitioner and $200 per hour for two. All fees are in USD.





The Deposit for each Shamanic Bodywork Training is $1,000.
(non-refundable) And must be paid 6 months in advance.
The balance is due upon arrival to the training.


ALOHA MANA TRAINING ~ Lomi~Three ~ Residential
Classes run from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm

Fees for One Instructor: Aloha Mana Lomilomi ~

$150 per student, per day, plus travel expenses & lodging.
Minimum 6 students.

Fees for Two Instructors: Aloha Mana Lomilomi ~
Add $300 per day, plus travel expenses & lodging for second Instructor
We require a second teacher for more than 8 students in a class.


Classes run from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm / Lunch is 1~2 pm.

Fees for One Instructor: BTU & Heartworks training ~
$125 per day, per student, plus travel expenses & lodging.

Fees for Two Instructors: BTU & Heartworks training ~ (non-residential)
Add $300 per day for second Instructor, plus travel expenses & lodging.



Lodging for Instructors:
Hotel or B & B accommodations are preferred.
In a "one bedroom" unit we can have enough room to do the
Prerequisite Lomilomi sessions before the Training.
Although Patti and I are Okay with staying in
someone's home if we have our own bathroom,
with a bathtub and plenty of Temple space to work.


This will vary depending on the training that you choose to bring. The Lomilomi Trainings could take place in someone's very LARGE home, as long as there are enough bathrooms and plenty of room for dancing around several massage tables. Otherwise, we like enough room in a retreat center to set up 5 to 10 massage tables.


Kahi Loa Lomi, LOMI~One and Heartworks Traditional Lomilomi, LOMI~Two,
are the prerequsites to Aloha Mana LOMI~Three Aloha Mana Training.
You only need one prerequisite, either LOMI~One or LOMI~Two.

We enjoy instructing our "Lomi Three" Aloha Mana Courses in Kauai over 10 days. When its taught elseware, we often divide it into two segamnts of 4 or 5 days each. This gives time for teaching a variety of Lomilomi and chants and more time for Huna and Hula, which is very helpful.

Dates for the Course
Go to the Events Calendar and find an opening to invite us into. We like at least three months lead time to advertise the course.

There are many options to choose from. The sooner we talk, the more time we will have to promote your training together. Once our agreement is in place, we will post it on our web site
and send it out to our world wide email list with monthly NEWSLETTER blasts.

We are excited for the opportunity to come to your town and work with you,
create a training opportunity and lets spread more Aloha Huna Magic together!

Our staff and I are here to empower with you: your mission, your truth, your heart and your well being. Come! Be brave! Step into your True Power! The water is so warm within our loving dolphin Family! We look forward to meeting you and healing with you!

God Bless you always,
Wayne Kealohi Powell D.D.
Patti Kale'aokalani Miller

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